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free online math tutorMoorea Maguire

Hello!  You can call me Moorea or Ms. Maguire.  I love providing math help for kids.  I'm certified by the Arizona Department of Education in grades 6-12.  Teaching has taken me to California, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Mexico, and Arizona.  I've worked at a traditional public school, an alternative public school, a private school, a home school cooperative, and an online school.  Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 are some of the subjects I've taught.  In 2017, I began creating my own website to help with math.  View my teaching certificate and master's degree in education.

In high school, I did well in math despite having dyslexia.

Around 2015, I sold my car.  Bicycles are my main mode of transportation.  Here's a video of me from September, 2018, riding my bike.  My friend was taking a city bus when she spotted me and snapped this clip.  The purpose of the fluorescent green vest is to make it easy for motorists to see me.  ¬°Gracias, Luna!  

In 2018, I lived in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.