Why Become a Member?

Many of my videos are missing the last step to the problem.  Membership allows you to view that final step on a members-only page and make sure you got the right answer.

There's a lot of free math help on the internet, but a lot of it is incorrect.  I created CanDoMath as a trustworthy alternative.  As a former math teacher, I solve every problem on this site myself.  View my teaching certificate and Master's degree in education.

One thing I absolutely cannot stand is when people overexplain things.  Here, I don't overexplain the solution of each math problem to you.  I show you the steps and nothing else.  At CanDoMath.com, you can check to make sure you got the right answer without receiving an irrelevant lecture.

Who should become a member?

CanDoMath membership is for students of pre-algebra, Algebra 1, geometry, and basic college math courses.  It does not include Algebra 2, trigonometry, or calculus. 


Will this help while taking tests?

No, CanDoMath membership is not for taking tests.  That would be cheating.  We prepare for quizzes, tests, and exams by attending every class, completing every homework assignment, and studying.  Use your membership for practice and homework problems.

How much does it cost?

Membership to CanDoMath is currently a one-time payment of $4.99.  The price will increase exponentially every year, so take advantage while it's low.  This is a lifetime membership that may be shared with your family on multiple devices.  You can pay using Paypal or a credit or debit card, and you will NOT be asked for your postal address. 

It makes an excellent gift for 6th-10th graders in the USA or at international American schools.

A+Improve your grade in math.

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