About Moorea Maguire, Curriculum Writer and Online Tutor

Hello!  You can call me Moorea or Ms. Maguire.  I love providing math help for kids, especially in word problems. 

In 2009, I was fired from my job teaching public middle school in rural Arizona.  After breaking the news to me, my principal stood up, showed me to the door of his office, and offered me a handshake. Speechless and running on fumes, I shook his hand and burst into tears.  I had never felt so humiliated.  That last year had been the hardest of my life. 

Can you guess why I lost my position?  Find out at the end of the page.

When I was in high school, some teachers overexplained things, which frustrated me.  They droned on and on with unnecessarily long, complicated answers.

Fast forward a decade.  As a teacher myself, I noticed many students getting answers from unreliable websites.  Make sure you're sitting down because what I'm about to say will shock you: Some sources give out false information.

So in 2017, I began designing my own website to help with math, a trustworthy resource to learn how to solve word problems in a straightforward way.  When I'm not creating step-by-step videos, I save teachers and parents time by delivering high-quality word problems and worksheets

math websites for kidsYours truly finishing math homework during lunch at high school in the 90s

Born and raised near Los Angeles, California, I graduated from Wellesley College in Massachussetts.  The west beckoned me back, and I found myself studying curriculum & instruction at New Mexico State University.  View my teaching certificate and master's degree in education.

Certified in 6th to 12th grade math, I taught at a traditional public school, an alternative public school, a private school, a multi-family homeschool, and an online charter school. 


Moorea MaguireYours truly

So why did I lose the job I mentioned at the beginning of this page?

My classroom management had not been very effective, to put it nicely

Hindsight's always 20/20, right?  Looking back, I should have kept my kids focused by following the wisdom of veteran teachers and using worksheets.  Something about worksheets make 95% of students bear down and work.  In other words, worksheets keep goofing off to a minimum.

Ideally, education would be nothing but imaginative group projects, speech & debate, creative writing, and games.  In reality, a number of factors prevent stellar behavior during those ideal lessons:

  • students getting to school hungry
  • parents working three jobs
  • parents being detained, deported, or incarcerated
  • overzealous government agencies removing children from their parents for questionable reasons
  • cafeteria lunches of processed foods and artificial additives
  • teachers' sleep deprivation and stress
  • Deans of Students and assistant principals who do NOT consistently help with bullying and disruptive students  (During one interview, an assistant principal told me she expected teachers to handle their own discipline problems.  I appreciated her honesty).

I've never been a parent, but from what I hear, there's a similar perfect world vs. real world effect: There's how you want to parent your children, and then there's reality.

I design your word problems and worksheets for the real world.