One on One Online Tutoring In Math

Need a math tutor?  As a former high school teacher, I offer one-on-one online tutoring for 6th to 10th graders in the USA as well as students attending American schools internationally.  This website provides two options:

Free online tutoring chat

Paid one-on-one online tutoring

  • limited to math problems that can be typed into a chat (such as word problems)
  • images accepted

(For example, you can take a photo or screenshot of a homework problem and send it to me).

  • no appointment needed but limited to my availability

You can count on your student receiving one-on-one tutoring on the date and time we agree on.

  • no live audio or video
  • no personal connection

Using Skype or Google Hangouts, your child and I can hear each others' voices, see each others' faces, and focus all our attention on math.

More About Paid One-on-One Online Tutoring

My approach is to honor your child's natural problem-solving abilities.  My philosophy is that mistakes are part of learning.  I will listen and meet your child where he or she is.  During the session, your child can watch how to solve problems step by step via a peripheral webcam I use.  All he or she needs is a computer with a functioning mic and speakers (or headphones) and an internet connection.

one on one online tutoringMs. Maguire, your online math tutor

To schedule one-on-one online tutoring for your pre-algebra, algebra 1, or geometry student, contact me using the gray box that says "Chat with us" or "Leave a message." 


Before the first tutoring session, please select one of the following payment options.  I use Stripe because it's secure, it's user-friendly, it has good customer service, and it doesn't ask for your postal address.

For one 60-minute session:

For one 30-minute session:

For ten 30-minute sessions:

For twenty 30-minute sessions:


Algebra 1 and geometry can be frustrating and overwhelming.  If you think your student could benefit from one-on-one online tutoring, I'm here to help.