Middle School Math Tutoring Online

Need a math tutor for middle school, algebra 1, or consumer finance?  As a former teacher, I offer one-on-one online tutoring to students in the USA as well as at international American schools.  View my teaching certificate and Master of Arts in education. 

What does it look like?

My approach is to honor your child's natural problem-solving abilities.  My philosophy is that mistakes are part of learning.  I will listen and meet your child where she is. Our personal connection is key.  This one-on-one attention can make all the difference.

At least 24 hours before each session, I ask that your child send me (via text or e-mail) his most recent homework or completed quiz. It can be in its original digital format, it can be scanned, or it can be a photo or screenshot.  This gives me time to check his work and identify what she's struggling with.

During each live tutoring session, we go over the problems she got wrong.  Your child can watch how to solve problems step-by-step via a peripheral webcam I use (as in the videos on other pages of this website).  All he needs is a quiet room, a computer with a functioning mic and speaker (or headphones), and an internet connection.  We use Google Meet or the platform of your choice.

When necessary, we talk about habits important to success in any math class.

What if you don't have a webcam, or your child doesn't want to use it?

Not a problem.  Your child and I will talk over the phone, and I'll send him links to videos I create showing how to solve the specific problems she doesn't understand.

Moorea MaguireMs. Maguire, your online math tutor

To schedule one-on-one online tutoring for your pre-algebra, algebra 1, or consumer math student, or if you have any questions, contact me using the gray box that says "Chat with us" or "Leave a message."  I have slots available seven days a week, between 11am and 8pm Central Time.

Before the first tutoring session, please select one of the following payment options.  You can choose Paypal or credit or debit card, and it won't ask for your postal address.

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Pre-algebra and Algebra 1 can be overwhelming.  If you think your student could benefit from middle school math tutoring online, I'm here to help.