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HiI'm Ms. Maguire, and you can do math.  Welcome to my live online help chat for Algebra 1.  I'm the only tutor you'll be talking to here.  I'll show you how to solve the problem(s) confusing you, step by step.  It's perfect for homework and studying for tests, especially with word problems.  

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Here's an example of how I showed a student how to solve this algebra word problem:

Two cyclists, 84 miles apart, start riding toward each other at the same time.  One cycles two times as fast as the other.  If they meet 4 hours later, what is the speed (in mi/h) of the faster cyclist?

a. Write an equation using the information as it is given above that can be solved to answer this problem.  Use the variable r  to represent the speed of the slower cyclist.

b. What is the speed of the faster cyclist?  ____ mi/hr

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Is this a good resource for taking tests?

No, this math tutor chat is not appropriate for tests.  That would be cheating.  We prepare for tests by studying and practicing.  Use this website for homework, practice, and sample problems.

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If the bottom right corner of your screen says "Leave a message," that means I'm not available at the moment.  Feel free to send me a message, which will go directly to my e-mail inbox. 

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Algebra 1 word problems can be frustrating.  Take advantage of this simple, easy math tutor chat!