Ratio and Proportion Word Problems

Need a printable pdf worksheet to teach ratios and proportions?  You've found it.  This set of practice sheets includes:

  • 5 pages for students
  • an error-free answer key
  • 18 original word problems to solve, ranging from one-step to multi-step
  • a problem involving graphing a line on a coordinate system
  • a problem requiring students to identify the algebraic equation that correctly expresses a proportional relationship
  • a problem about painting walls
  • a problem about baseball bat speed

Designed to strengthen students' problem-solving muscles, these questions can be used for:

  • homeschool practice
  • a homework packet
  • summer worksheets
  • bellwork
  • Jeopardy
  • homemade board games
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What state standards do these math word problems cover?

For teachers who need them, the worksheets state the following U.S. mathematics standards.

ratio and proportion word problems

Yes, it's 7th grade level, but it's also good exercise for 8th graders as well as high schoolers who need practice with ratios and proportions (which many do, in my experience).

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What does it cost?

The price is $2.99.  You can choose between Paypal or credit or debit card, and it will not ask for your postal address.  Your purchase comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  If this isn't the best-quality worksheet you discover for ratio and proportion word problems, I will refund your money.