Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet

Need a printable worksheet to teach the Pythagorean Theorem?  You've found it.

This .pdf set of worksheets includes:

  • 7 pages for students
  • an error-free answer key
  • the definitions of a pyramid, a right triangle, a hypotenuse, and the Pythagorean Theorem
  • questions ranging from easy to challenging
  • 2 multi-step word problems to solve
  • space for kids to show their work
  • a problem involving graphing a triangle on an x-y coordinate system
  • a fun writing activity that requires students to go to the library or research a topic on the internet (great for those who finish early)
  • directions for an art project using inexpensive materials found in most homes


Designed to strengthen students' problem-solving skills, these worksheets can be used for a homeschool lesson, a stand-alone homework packet, or summer practice. 

This Pythagorean Theorem worksheet involves pyramids.pyramids at Teotihuacán, outside Mexico City, 2006

What standards is it aligned with?

For teachers who need them, the worksheets state the following mathematics standards for PARCC:

Pythagorean Theorem worksheet

It's 8th grade geometry, but it's also valuable practice for high schoolers.


What does it cost?

The price is $3.99.  You can choose between Paypal or debit or credit card, and you will not be asked for your postal address.  Not only does your purchase earn you discounts on other worksheets on this website, but it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  If this Pythagorean Theorem worksheet doesn't save you time and contribute to a high-quality education for your student(s), I will refund your money.